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Hear the Herd

Recognizing that the herd is made up of individual characters, who deserve personalized training.

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"My horse and I were stuck in a vicious cycle of anxiety and overreacting, I felt defeated and thought we were no longer compatible.
But Elaine has shown me that's not the case and we can get back to a good place as we're making progress each week and riding is fun again. 
I will forever be grateful to Elaine for what she's taught me and I carry her lessons with me both in and out of the saddle. I see myself and my horse in a different light. It's been life-changing."

Meagan & Annie


Train with Elaine

The key to true success, in any discipline, is a happy and enthusiastic partner. This goes for both horse and human.  

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Why the name Hear the Herd?

How will you know what to whisper, if you're not listening? In a growing culture of horse whispering the focus has become about methodologies and techniques. But this can mean running a set check list that doesn't have room to remain flexible. The horse should be given a voice and the trainer the ability to adapt to what the horse is saying they need.


Untouched to Gentled with Compassion

Every lesson learned at this stage becomes a ripple that follows them a lifetime.
Begin with kindness.


Horse Translated

They are always speaking, it's just a matter of knowing their language.


Trust and Confidence Building For Both Horse and Human

Allowing self exploration to divulge their learning style and concerns. Introducing new things and places at the pace most comfortable for the horse.


Starting Under Saddle with Minimal Stress

One of the most stressful and potentially terrifying things a horse can go through. It is the cornerstone to everything your horse will take on in the saddle. It should be done with patience.

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Hear the Herd gives a try at blogging.
Check back below for more articles by Elaine.

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Naturally from the start.

 As a Wyoming native, Elaine, had the opportunity to work summers on a 8,000 acre cattle ranch in Kaycee, she learned from a very kind and seasoned horseman and his herd of horses that varied from bomb-proof to green. Sometimes, being the only child on the ranch, she spent long hours alone in the pastures with the herd of horses, swatting flies off of them and simply watching them graze. This down to earth first glimpse into the world of horses opened her eyes to the beauty of the Language of Equus, and set her standards high on who she could call, ‘teacher.’

    She purchased her first horse at the age of 13, Jul, an Arabian mare straight off the race track who had been beaten blind in her left eye.  After 2 years and the guidance of her empathic mother, Elaine learned patience and how to form a bond, the horse and rider team went on to win 2 silver metals at the Wyoming State Games in 3-day eventing. This mare showed her that no horse is beyond hope and they all have lessons to teach us and gave her the desire to help rescued horses with gentle technics on a timeline fair to each individual horse.

  After an 8 year internship with a world renowned horse whisperer, she feels confident in her diverse abilities to face any issue.

  Elaine continues her education, by keeping an open-mind and ear, “One of my favorite parts of doing this, is that I will always have more to learn. Every horse is a new lesson. Even the youngest of people meeting a horse first time can offer a lesson.”

    Traveling across the country to rescues she has helped gentle untouched horses (PMU & mustangs) and helped heavily handled horses become soft and trusting. She spent four years helping a therapy team find simple solutions to behavioral issues brought by their horses being worked by many different and green volunteers.

    She is blessed by a happy BLM mustang, Niagara, and two Corgi dogs.

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“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”

Anatole France

Be Heard By Elaine

Based in Washington State, but willing to go where the horses need her.

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